Monday, April 30, 2012

lefty or righty

I was just making a couple of necklaces to ship out orders, and I noticed for all my attention to detail in my designs. I never take note of which side I put the clasps on necklace. This is probably because, that for the most part I am ambidextrous. I cant write with either hand but after years of wire wrapping and having to manipulate tiny pieces of wire with both hands equally as accurately; it doesnt matter to me if a clasp is set up lefty or righty.
 I have been told by teachers that i do things lefty even though i'm a righty. For years this hasnt phased me. But that my son is 2 years old we realize he is definitely a lefty and trying to keep him that way. I am conscious of things i never was before. So i was wondering if I should offer lefty & righty clasps for my necklaces online. Obviously I wont be able to offer this option for wholesale orders, or premade items at shows and fairs. But i was wondering if this was something people would like to see as an option along with stone color selection? I have updated this necklace to show what it would look like:
thoughts? Vote Below
xo Fo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ombre hair... really? So one of the hair trends in hollywood and around NY is ombre hair. I have to be honest(maybe this just shows my age) but i noticed this on a couple of actresses and thought to myself what are they doing letting their highlights grow out be a thing.
Well apparently its a THING. Although i'm not convinced it wasnt some A-lister that let their highlights grow out and declared it a thing. Out of laziness, i might blame one of Olsen girls.(not sure which one)

Here is a link on how to DIY it. Not really convinced this is a good idea to try to do yourself, more than even highlights this sounds like is a formula for crazy hair fumbles for the amateur attempt. Sometimes its really subtle like Rachel Bilson here

Or more drastic like here on Drew Barrymore:
Yeah the more i write about it and think about it...... please please do not try this at home. This will end badly, you do not want to be in the fashion DONT pics with the little black box covering your eyes to thinly veil your identity.

Although I am very close to doing a blue or pink version on my own hair and embracing my artist side again, now that my hair has grown out it, it needs a non-i'm chopping it all off kind of change. Imagine this but with dark brown hair:


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bag Lust.....Alexander Wang. yes pls

This is the bag i carry almost everyday
The story of the bag i use is as follows . I bought it in athens greece when i was in college and the euro was non-existant in greece at least. It was one of the last trips i took there with my mother. 

I paid in drachmas the equivalent then of $15. All leather handmade. Unlined. 
But durable as all hell.
Now while it has been with me through so much, a couple of subsequent trips to Greece/Europe,2 careers, 1 pregnancy, 1 family illness. It doesnt feel"grown up". 
This is the bag i would like to carry

Friday, April 13, 2012

fabrics and textiles....oh my

At the most recent Premiere Classe held during Paris fashion week, vendors tell WWD that people are investing in accessories this season. Many going into the show with low expectations, many were pleasantly surprised.

Not surprisingly facing rising record high raw material costs many designers are flexing their creative muscles to make due with less expensive materials and still bring forth eye catching accessories.

Trends reported:

* Scarves, with textures but less volume than last year.
* short gloves, short lace gloves

* hats, hats and lots of hats

* Jewelry that is versatile. necklace that can be a bracelet or a belt.
* extra jewelry trend, designs that constructed to look like woven fabrics.  (of course i'm biased i make jewelry)

Here is my take on the textile trend in jewelry, I am launching an entire collection of primarily gold vermeil, that is stamped, forged and textured to look like silk satin.
bracelet stamped with little cherries to mimic textile patterns. Domed for volume. $95

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whole Bead show... whole lotta blah

I recently went to The Whole Bead show in NYC a couple of weeks ago. And I'm sad to say I was really disappointed. I have gone to the show pretty religiously for over 5 years now. While it understandably shrunk in that past couple of years, this most recent event was pretty lack-luster, i assume its a symptom of the economy, but it was still dissappointing. I used to plot the event in my calendar for my supply buying, twice a year, and look forward to the possible new vendors I may find. Even if i didnt buy in the spot, i bought within the next month or so. Now this isnt a judgement on the organizers, the show is really run well, there is actually a manned coat check now. (yeah it wasnt always so).

It used to be a source of inspiration, sometimes there was a different cut of beads, or a different color showcased, last year there was this tiger eye looking grey and black two-tone everywhere. I remember one year Green Amethyst was everywhere. All sorts of shapes and fancy cuts, some mystic coated some not(which is misnomer that drives me nuts, its Prasiolite people, green quartz. Amethyst= purple quartz. A stone that is green can not also be purple. Right, ok? now stop) Anyway I digress...

Another year i found a fabulous chain vendor that i still use today. But this last year not only was there no "new" vendors, there was nothing that really wow-ed me. And speaking to some other designers they felt the same way.

Perhaps i'm a little jaded making jewelry for over 10 years now. Perhaps, there was not much new-ness to be shown this time around. But I would love for the organizers to maybe think about the variety of vendors they bring in.... maybe surprise us again. And maybe they should update their website to not include a MYSPACE link....really?)

Full disclosure I did buy one thing, a couple of strands of white curundum with a mystic coating, they are BEAUTIFUL. Designs pics to come

xoxo Fo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hi there thanks for reading. After thinking about it and talking about it I am finally starting a blog. I design jewelry for my own line here . But this blog is intended to be more than just a billboard for my designs. In full disclosure sometimes it will be. Most of time I intend to write about fashiony stuff. Trends. Trends, trends I wish I had the money to splurge on, trends nobody should splurge on. A dash of pop-culture and a hint of nerdy booky stuff. Why? you ask. Because all thats me. Join me on this road. If you're still reading please come back soon. Feel free to leave a note, tell me when i'm wrong or fabulous. And I reserve the right to ignore you :)