Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bag Lust.....Alexander Wang. yes pls

This is the bag i carry almost everyday
The story of the bag i use is as follows . I bought it in athens greece when i was in college and the euro was non-existant in greece at least. It was one of the last trips i took there with my mother. 

I paid in drachmas the equivalent then of $15. All leather handmade. Unlined. 
But durable as all hell.
Now while it has been with me through so much, a couple of subsequent trips to Greece/Europe,2 careers, 1 pregnancy, 1 family illness. It doesnt feel"grown up". 
This is the bag i would like to carry

But with a price tag of $850 (which in my mind isnt sooo bad for a bag i would carry everyday). It seems a lot because i'm a jewelry designer that freelances for other designers. So I carry tools with me almost daily. Yes I live in fear that i will get stopped by one of those transit cops and i will have to explain why i'm carrying wire cutters and needle nose pliers on the F-train. 

Then in the days i'm not jewelry designer-ing i'm a mom, so theres sippy cups, wipes, those fruit pouchy things. and of course grubby yogurt stained fingers

Maybe if fotini designs has a gang buster trade show this year. Alexander Wang backpack 100% lambskin with suede accents that feels like will be mine.


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