Monday, April 30, 2012

lefty or righty

I was just making a couple of necklaces to ship out orders, and I noticed for all my attention to detail in my designs. I never take note of which side I put the clasps on necklace. This is probably because, that for the most part I am ambidextrous. I cant write with either hand but after years of wire wrapping and having to manipulate tiny pieces of wire with both hands equally as accurately; it doesnt matter to me if a clasp is set up lefty or righty.
 I have been told by teachers that i do things lefty even though i'm a righty. For years this hasnt phased me. But that my son is 2 years old we realize he is definitely a lefty and trying to keep him that way. I am conscious of things i never was before. So i was wondering if I should offer lefty & righty clasps for my necklaces online. Obviously I wont be able to offer this option for wholesale orders, or premade items at shows and fairs. But i was wondering if this was something people would like to see as an option along with stone color selection? I have updated this necklace to show what it would look like:
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