Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ombre hair... really? So one of the hair trends in hollywood and around NY is ombre hair. I have to be honest(maybe this just shows my age) but i noticed this on a couple of actresses and thought to myself what are they doing letting their highlights grow out be a thing.
Well apparently its a THING. Although i'm not convinced it wasnt some A-lister that let their highlights grow out and declared it a thing. Out of laziness, i might blame one of Olsen girls.(not sure which one)

Here is a link on how to DIY it. Not really convinced this is a good idea to try to do yourself, more than even highlights this sounds like is a formula for crazy hair fumbles for the amateur attempt. Sometimes its really subtle like Rachel Bilson here

Or more drastic like here on Drew Barrymore:
Yeah the more i write about it and think about it...... please please do not try this at home. This will end badly, you do not want to be in the fashion DONT pics with the little black box covering your eyes to thinly veil your identity.

Although I am very close to doing a blue or pink version on my own hair and embracing my artist side again, now that my hair has grown out it, it needs a non-i'm chopping it all off kind of change. Imagine this but with dark brown hair:


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