Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whole Bead show... whole lotta blah

I recently went to The Whole Bead show in NYC a couple of weeks ago. And I'm sad to say I was really disappointed. I have gone to the show pretty religiously for over 5 years now. While it understandably shrunk in that past couple of years, this most recent event was pretty lack-luster, i assume its a symptom of the economy, but it was still dissappointing. I used to plot the event in my calendar for my supply buying, twice a year, and look forward to the possible new vendors I may find. Even if i didnt buy in the spot, i bought within the next month or so. Now this isnt a judgement on the organizers, the show is really run well, there is actually a manned coat check now. (yeah it wasnt always so).

It used to be a source of inspiration, sometimes there was a different cut of beads, or a different color showcased, last year there was this tiger eye looking grey and black two-tone everywhere. I remember one year Green Amethyst was everywhere. All sorts of shapes and fancy cuts, some mystic coated some not(which is misnomer that drives me nuts, its Prasiolite people, green quartz. Amethyst= purple quartz. A stone that is green can not also be purple. Right, ok? now stop) Anyway I digress...

Another year i found a fabulous chain vendor that i still use today. But this last year not only was there no "new" vendors, there was nothing that really wow-ed me. And speaking to some other designers they felt the same way.

Perhaps i'm a little jaded making jewelry for over 10 years now. Perhaps, there was not much new-ness to be shown this time around. But I would love for the organizers to maybe think about the variety of vendors they bring in.... maybe surprise us again. And maybe they should update their website to not include a MYSPACE link....really?)

Full disclosure I did buy one thing, a couple of strands of white curundum with a mystic coating, they are BEAUTIFUL. Designs pics to come

xoxo Fo


  1. I work for The Whole Bead Show- and we will be bringing a lot of new (and interesting) exhibitors to the Spring show in March! I just signed up Pegasus Imports today who has amazing quality product! There were also quite a few new vendors at the recent Fall show in October I hope you noticed them! We definitely do our best to bring in new, and quality vendors. Always looking for fresh product. It is hard to sell space with the economy the way it is, but I really think things are looking brighter in the industry. Glad you enjoy the coat check- the venue really is nice. Also, we will take down the Myspace link on our website- as we no longer have an account! Thank you so much for your blog! We like to check in and make sure we are doing a good job!

  2. Hello Fotini, Did you come to the show this past October? If you had you would have found many new exhibitors such as Green Girl Studios, Paula Radke and Bello Modo. We are always looking for new and exciring merchants to do our show. We also incurage our curent merchants to brinng new items to shows. If there is something or someone you would like to see at the show, please let us know and we see what we can do. All my best, Ava Motherwell