Friday, May 25, 2012

Behind the curtain.

This is a quick peek at my work space. In the middle/end of prepping for a 3 day even next week. And samples for the Atlanta gift show with a new partner the Bloom Showroom.

So this pic is how i work now. I used to work on a peice of bounty. Bc i liked the white background to best color match stones. It made for good clean up of scraps and the junk that piles up while making jewelry. Also is why i never liked any of those beading trays. Or those utility trays with the black or grey velvet pads. It was also an easy way to jot notes on the project im working on.

But the things rolled off the paper towel, and difficult to keep a project that was incomplete and step away. More so now that i have my son around, i have to be able to leave a project in the middle for snack/diaper/water/attention needing/mommy&meclass breaks. Jotting down notes is the only way i can remember where to pick up.

Now i work on a white paper plate. For the same reasons as the paper towel. But with the plates i can separate projects and stack them up. Make room on my work space and shuffle trough projects when i have 10 minutes in between baby needs or a 2 hr nap ahead of me.
Usually there are pliers and flush cutters and a tape measure on hand. And of course notes....

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