Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colored Wedding dresses...bridal jewelry turned upsidedown

Ever since the reigning queen of wedding gown design announced and then showed her 2013 line of gowns injected with a shock of color. The bridal world is all a buzz.

On the one hand a wedding dress is the one time most most women will splurge on a dress costing in the multiple hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. When most of us will in our normal lives maybe only spend a couple of hundred on a dress for an occasion. THIS is the one time everyday ladies can feel like they are walking a runway, or red carpet. So why not have it be a beautiful shade of whatever color looks best you...because lets face it ladies, no matter what those lovely ladies in the salons say some skin tones dont look good with white, ivory, creme, eggshell or whatever name they give the non-color. If anyone is going to make it OK, it will be Vera Wang!

But will women respond? Buck tradition so extremely and don a red dress

or gasp an all black dress (fall 2012)? (because who doesnt look fab in black).

If this does take off even in a small way this blows the roof off of bridal jewelry designers. Which are usually confined to diamond, white topaz, white rhinestone & pearls. How stunning would a set with juicy red garnets, or cornflower blue sapphires!

In 2007 i thought i was soo cutting edge by wearing a tea length dress with a teal sash:

If you look just above the sash on my back, there is a single blue briolette & little topaz rondelles, just peaking out the end of my hair line.

And I wore London Blue Topaz jewelry and with 18kt yellow.

If a simple sash can inspire this, can you imagine what a whole dress will do to bridal jewelry!!!

Xo Fo

* wedding pics by the fabulous Jonathan Thrasher

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