Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion trends & jewelry.. they're buddies

Are you a jewelry designer that doesnt follow fashion  trends. Well if you arent you making a BIG mistake.
This season he trend forecasters are saying these are some of the big items:
Color blocking
Tangerine specifically pantone: Specifically Tangerine Tango
Platform heels
Colorful jeans
Neon anything
Now im not saying to go out and make  collection completely using neon if its not in your wheelhouse.  but if tangerine is the hot color maybe think about all metal designs to off the the juicy tangerine. Wouldnt gold flatter this way better than silver or brass. If you are selling direct to the customer either on a ur own website/etsy/storefront or shows/festivals, you can maybe turn a blind eye to some trends, your customers will usually tell you what they are looking for.
But if you are selling via any other retailer those buyers are aware of what is on the horizon and if your pieces dont fit with their vision on next season they wont order no matter how cute they think your stuff is. Press wont talk about it period if it wont fit their page layout.

Remember that season that all of a sudden womens shirts went from long and floppy arms to 3/4 sleeves. I can bet that jewelry designers were selling tons of bracelets for those all of a sudden naked forearms. For those who were prepared, i bet had a fabulous season.
Or a couple of winters ago when scarves become the go to accessory indoors and out. Of course! nobody was buying necklaces for day because they all had lovely scarves covering up thier necklines!
And keep in mind most people arent as adventerous with their accessories, as much as fashion editors may want you to think that. I see bright day-glo jeans at the gap with that lovely printed top. I bet most are not pairing with that dayglo necklace but probably just an all metal option or  simple earrings .

But designers big or small should be aware of what is out there and try to figure out what thier target audeince will be leaning towards in the upcoming season. No one want to put thier heart and soul into a collection only to have it rejected b/c everyone is just looking for turquiose...or not


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