Monday, May 21, 2012

Grunge Redux.....Really?

Remember this look:

8 hole lace up Doc Martins that you wear until the sole literally cracked and maybe a little after that. Toast of NY lipstick by Revlon.<-- Who knew they still make that color. Blue nail polish when Urban Decay was the only brand that made non "normal" colors. Yeah I'm talking about 1992 (maybe one day i'll post what i looked like then, not today kiddos). Marc Jacobs was the then fledgling designer that made this look high fashiony and expensive. I could never afford that to die for shrunken cashmere sweater for $1,200. I did buy the $60 J.Crew version and wear the sh*t out of it. although never got into the crochet beanies.

NO I'm not going through some weird nostalgia thing, although I do long for the days when 92.3 on the radio dial in NY was Krock and the sound of Jeremy was fresh and new.

WWD recently reported, you guessed it, the look is getting an Act II this fall. For Some reason I cant picture this generation of tweens buying v-neck Hanes t-shirts to layer under flannels. Or the oddly paired flower print rayon dress with combat boots (yeah i rocked that look too).  Considering back then this was the collection that simultaneously catapulted Marc Jacobs and got him fired. It will be interesting to see if in these hyper-stylized label conscious times the slumpy cardigans and the flannel shirts will take off. But when you think about it grunge grew in response to the glitsy glamy 80's. Maybe these designers are on to something ;). Get ready fall shoppers

although the me from 1993 would really want these:


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