Monday, June 25, 2012

Accepting my niche

a little background. I have been making jewelry for over 10 years now. Always making custom pieces for friends for events, or with their kids names, husband's names, mother's names. And since there are tons of designers that do this sort of thing, i tried to keep it to a minimum. not really promoting or advertising that aspect of my designs.

BUT after doing a small craft show recently where close to 60% of my sales were custom orders. Not just adjustments in length or size. Pure custom. One mother wanted her daughters name on 2 disc one with her name in Greek the other in English.  Another wanted "αγάπη" ( the greek word for pure love) And her sons name. Never thought of doing that

 Lesson 1: I foolishly thought that with a table full of beautiful pieces i would only have a couple of custom orders. I had so many by the end of the weekend, that i didnt remember specific conversations about the clients wants. Which was lesson learned, write down all the requests at the the time of the order. Had I only had one or 2 as i thought i would of remembered. But with over 10, i didnt.

Lesson 2:  I didnt take a phone number for all the custom orders only emails. I get my email on my phone, its second nature, its my business. It has become routine. I forget that not everyone is that way. So when one customer did not respond to 3 emails i was in a panic that they would not get their item in time ( it was a custom bangle for a end of year teacher gift, teacher stamped in Greek)

Lesson 3: accept my niche.I am starting to embrace it, with this post and a new listing on my website here. So im starting out  by listing initial pendants, in greek and/or english. And an initial & zodiac symbol.

more listings to come!!